Services are the new electricity.

‍Service integration is the new power cable.

Designing buildings and cities for integrated services is partly about resolving today's pressures: corridors, lobbies and sidewalks cannot be free logistics and mobility hubs.

And it's also about capturing new opportunities, including:

  • new formats of buildings, blocks, communities including coliving and coworking
  • in-house concepts such as cafés, restaurants, stores, mobility, lockers
  • urban concepts such as cloud kitchens, mobility sharing
  • circular economy features like rental, returns, repairs, and bulk logistics.

These and more require architecture and urban design for service integration to enable solutions now, and adaptabillity over time.

Last Meter includes architectural tools and partnerships to integrate services deeply during all phases of design.

Explore the formats, design integrations and experiences that Last Meter touches below and get in touch to find out more

Sustainable cities are built on integration.