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Beambox is the pioneer of containerized on-demand storage in Sweden.


BASE2 Team

February 28, 2019

Beambox is the pioneer of containerized on-demand storage in Sweden.

February 28, 2019

Beambox is an innovation born out of wasted space and a desire by real estate owners - or a specific owner - Castellum, to manage its own innovation and reimagination.

At the present time Castellum is one of the largest real estate actors in Sweden, and includes in its stock a significant amount of storage and logistics locations. As an output from its innovation lab Next20, and among a suite of other innovations including package handling (Handly) and more, it launched Beambox as a direct-to-consumer on-demand storage solution aiming to make good use of these locations. Says Henrik Saxborn, Castellum's group Director:

”Med Beambox stärker vi ytterligare vår position som ett innovativt och hållbart fastighetsbolag. Med Beambox kan vi erbjuda en hållbar och konkurrenskraftig förvaringslösning som riktar sig mot konsument. Samtidigt utnyttjar vi överkapacitet i tillfälligt vakanta lokaler och har samma ambition när det gäller transportledet. Det är win-win för alla inklusive miljön”.

Marketing Director of Beambox, Ted Rosén says:

We hope to make it natural for on-demand storage to become a natural part of the way modern consumers live and work. It's obvious that keeping things you don't use much in a location that is not central - and uses wasted space in any case - is a cost-effective way to store things. Making the solution on-demand is the way to enable consumers to take advantage of it."

At the present time, Beambox has two solutions on offer. Beambox BAS is for items that are ready for storage in boxes you supply yourself - ideal for overflow of existing storage, for moving time, and managing your old closet and attic. Beambox FLEX is more items that need a more contemporary storage solution - maybe your seasonal closet and stuff that hangs around the house a bit too much, but is still ready for use. FLEX solutions use Beambox's own robust and colourful storage box as a way to manage goods going back and forth to your home, in a safe and simple way.


Beambox was founded in August 2018.